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Low Income Housing Apartment Cap Rates

Pursuant to Sec. 11.1825 (d) of the Texas Property Tax Code, the Trinity County Appraisal District gives public notice of the capitalization rate to be used for the tax year 2021 to value properties receiving exemptions under this section. Rent restricted properties vary widely. These variations can have an effect of the valuation of the property. Basic capitalization rates ranging from 8.5 to 12.5% will be used to value these properties; although adjustments may be made based on the individual property characteristics and the information provided to the chief appraiser as required under Sections 11.182 (d) and (g) of the Property Tax Code. 

Ratio Study Analysis

The property value study (PVS) is conducted by the State Comptroller’s Office in which they estimate the taxable property value in each school district to measure the performance of appraisal districts. If the appraisal district is within a 5 percent margin, the State Comptroller will certify the local value to the Commissioner of Education.